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About us

  Who are we...  

We are a young couple from '81 and '82. I (Karina) have had bulldog since 2000, when i bought the female Lundahl's Bailey. Martin, I learned to know in 2007, and in 2008 he bought his first bulldog Kettner's Feige from me. The common interests of both the dogs and IT did that we in 2009 started dating and shortly after moved in together.

Since our family has grown bigger, in June 2010 we got our son Mikkel and in August 2012 came our daughter Caroline to the world.


Since the new dog-law came in 2010, we looked at a lot at alternative breeds to our beloved bulldogs, and when we at Christmas 2012 lost our lovely Bailey 12 ½ years old, we decided to have a little westie, when we found them to have a wonderful personality and its a fun a naughty one.

But of course we can not live without big dogs, and here we both fallen in love with the bullmastiff , that in very many aspects is very similar to the bulldogs
relaxed mind and temperament.
And after having been out and meet a lot of Bullmastiffs, we are only confirmed once more in our choice.

We are looking forward for us to have our first bullmastiff.


We care a lot about how our children behave around the dogs,
they learn to respect them and treat them properly. We do not tolerate hive in the tail or ears. Thay are of course allowed to give dogs a hug, but the dog want to go away, they may not hold on to them.

Conversely, we also learn the dogs that the toy on the floor is not theirs, as well as we are being able to touch their food and bones while they eat. Not because our kids to bother them when they eat, but it's just one thing we have always considered important, even before we had children our selve.


I'm very interested in pedigree and health. I spend MANY hours to sit and study pedigrees and look both on the type of the individual dog, but also its siblings / parents / grandparents / great grandparents and if it has any puppies. Besides the type I look also at their health outcomes as it is something I especially focus for breeding.

I'm also the one who is responsible for choosing which dogs we breed with, and in control of maturities, mating time, feeding and when the puppies should / could / may what , like all the practicalities. And of course the exhibition, I'm is also the one who goes around shows with them.

And it is me who is responsible for the website as web design is my other great interest and think it's important to have a good informative website.


To Martin pedigree no great importance it he relies on, I have it under control...

In steadhe goes on the daily long walk with the dogs, and he is very interested in educating the dogs / dog language. We are very happy with Ceasar Milan, and especially Martin has spent much time studying his videos and programs.

The area we live in...

We live on Sealand in a small town south of Kalundborg.
Here we have a nice big house in one level at the end of small closed road.

From here we have small 400m down to a delicious nature trail (Sjællandsleden) which stretches from Nykøbing to the island of Møn. It's out of here Martin go the most walks, as there are many good smells and the possibility of the dogs on some stretches to run free as there is a good view.


In addition, we have approx. 500m down to a small forest and 100m to several large playing fields where we can train, lay tracks and like that.

If we take the car, we are at the beach in just 10 minutes. Both where we can park almost down to the water, and where we have to walk through a big park-like area where many taking there dogs, so here are lots of scents.

If we drive 10 - 15 minutes we end up in Asnæs forest, where there are several really delicious trails of different lengths, some of which also goes down to the water.

The puppies life in our house...

With us the puppies live as part of the family, they live from their birth to they leave home inside the house with us, but in a room where the famale have the opportunity to retire and be in peace from the other dogs and the children.

It also means that the puppies will experience the vacuum cleaner, the sound of the washing machine and all the other everyday sounds. They will be use to other dogs and of course children.


I care a lot about that the dogs get the best food we feed, therefore we use Royal Canin, and already from the female goes into heat she changed to specifically pregnancy food (HD-42) as she gets until she is 6 weeks pregnant, when she changes over to puppy food (Starter). The puppies will start to get Royal Canin canned food specifically for puppies (Starter Mousse), I will slowly get mixed with soaked puppy food (starter), and when they are 6-7 weeks old they will slowly get it as plain dry food.


The puppies will also meet different people while living here, of course when puppy buyers come to see the puppies, but also friends and family who come to visit during their time here.

When the puppies have received their first vaccine, they will be brought out on tour, it can be out on a small walk to try to walk in a leash in the area where we live or a walk on the beach or in the woods dogs.